If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Straps on a Loom

In the afternoon when Clickychick got back to the house she suggested we have visit to the Harris exhibition at Rheged.   It turned out to be a good idea.   The exhibition was by the same man as had shown the Herwick photos earlier, Ian Lawton.  In spite of being a native Cumbrian I think I prefered  this one.

The photography was fabulous helped of course by the stunning views of Harris and the size of the prints..  As well as Ian's  photography there were exhibits of Harris Tweed including an old 

Unusually for me I decided to not take shots of whole objects and concentrate on details.  Of the shots I took, cogs yarn etc I rather liked this one of the old straps which are part of the mechanism which throws the shuttle across the warp.

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