It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

1st Time on the Track

Rosemary's been here for the weekend and that always makes me also makes me tired because we generally fit in as much as possible.

First was our open water swim in Salford Quays. It was over 18C and R commented that it's the 1st time her feet haven't turned blue after an open water swim all year. I was exhausted afterwards as we did 3100m with most of it being at a very hard pace.

When I'm at home at the weekend, that means a journey to Glossop to go to the Praze Deli'. They have wonderful treats. We settled for 2 cheeses, focaccia muffin thingies, chutney, oatcakes and a giant slice (to share) of black forest cake. Lunch sorted!

After a snooze for me, we went out a run. It ended in disaster. R twisted her dodgy ankle in a hidden hole and couldn't run any more. I sprinted back to the village, up Moss Lane which must be over buy frozen peas before the shop shut. I made it with an hour to spare as it shut at 7pm rather than 6pm as I though.

Making dinner was a disaster too as my oven developed a fault. I got upset, shouted a bit, then jumped on my bike and rode into Glossop to get R a tubeygrip for her ankle. A bike ride always sorts me when I'm pissed off. a day I had done a split up triathlon in a wonky order!

Today started with a 3 hour mountain bike ride. I always struggle on them but I had more fun than normal. That is until I asked R to get a banana out my camelbak as we were still riding. That worked ok, but she then veered slightly, our bars got tangled, I over-compensated and ended up in a heap screaming blue murder. I'm now a proud owner of a swollen hip, a bit of off-road rash and a sore arm! Sleeping may be a slight issue tonight.

After a quick lunch, we headed off to Manchester for SkyRide bike ride. It had to be cut short though as R was riding the velodrome for the first time in a taster session. She looked petrified beforehand, which is understandable, as it is tres scary. By the end of the session though she was riding faster and higher than anyone, looking like a true natural. I am very proud!

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