Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Pesky Pizza Pinchers

Today is our last day here as we fly back early in the morning. Mrs BB was insistent she wanted to go to the beach to relax and read before she goes back to work. I was going to go off in the car but I've developed a terrible cough and almost non stop runny nose; I don't feel 100%.

We got to The Rubicon beach at Playa Blanca and we hired some sunbeds and umbrella. I tucked myself in the shade and was happy doing nothing for a change.

Lunchtime we went to the bar overlooking our sunbeds and ordered some coffee and a pizza. I got a Frankfurt (sausage) which wasn't what I'd ordered (probably miscomunication with my cold!) but after a short while the bird community soon figured out we were soft touches!  They became quite brazen and helping themselves from our plates. The deal was they agreed to be blipped in return for food!!!

One of the birds made us laugh as he had cheese stuck on the beak!

Afterwards we headed for a bar at The Rubicon were Mrs BB had a couple of white wines and I enjoyed fruit smoothies. A relaxing last day.

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