Chestnuts roasting ...

In downtown Mong Kok! There were yams, quail eggs, peanuts and other things I didn't recognise. I've had a lovely busy, tiring day. Enjoyed all of it though :)

Bathroom tap is leaking, so had our contractor come have a look at it as Martin wasn't able to fix it, and sure enough it's a bigger problem than we thought. So I was instructed to purchase a spare part as I was headed to Mong Kok later, where many supply stores exist.

Met up with visiting friend Nadine for lunch at the Plaza. Really looking forward to her moving back to HK.

Then headed out to Kowloon to find the spare part for the tap and for an Ophthamologist appointment. The problem I had back in November is back again!!! Like I need anymore afflictions!!!!!! Aaarggh.

Anyway, back home to get dinner and then another surprise visit from a neighbour, that Martin bumped into on the bus. Was very grateful for her visit.

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