Visit to the Village

Back Blip from Akaora..

It was a stunning day so thought I would take walk around Akaroa Village and get accustomed to society again.

There wasn't any cruise ships but it was still busy with lots of people walking around the streets. I had a wonderful coffee and a cake as a treat. When I sat down the girl next to me looked at me and said.. "somethings going on here". We both had Nikon cameras placed in the same position on the table and also the same cakes. You can see her in the first extra shot, the girl in the pink striped pants.

We got talking for some time about all kinds of things and I found out she was in Akaroa for the day and was leavening for Australia first thing in the morning. She has lived in Ireland for the past five years and comes from Germany.  Really lovely person to talk to.

The afternoon was spent in the garden again.. the garden is full of tones of twitch (Couch Grass). I have never seen so much before! I found lots more daffodils bulbs and have removed them and will replant them next time I am over here.

I have put some extra shots of around Akaora Village

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