Grey calm. Drifting gently towards the Kessock Bridge, shortly after high tide.

Yeah! Out in the kayak two weeks in a row, inspite of it being chilly again. Trip from North Kessock to/into Munlochy Bay, and back, with a play in the narrows between North and South Kessock at both ends of the trip. Lots of wildlife about - Common Seals and an Otter near the bridge. Hundreds of Guillemots scattered about the Inner Moray Firth - all seemed to still be in Winter plumage (or may have been youngsters). Ravens, Buzzards, and a Peregrine Falcon further along. Plenty of the usual waders, ducks, and geese still in the area.

Wish I had some easy way of protecting, and rapidly hauling-out/returning-to-protection a better camera of some sort. Whilst this photo is okay, this wee waterproof camera gives very little control over settings, and the lens plus sensor aren't that great (to put it very politely)... combined with me being an overly fussy git. When you've great photo opportunities to record things that most people don't experience, or see, I find it frustrating not to be able to use something better... especially when you already have the tools. Salt water and electronics are not a good mix.

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