By Tommy0161


The day started off rather grey and chilly when I went out to pick up my paper (only day that happens these days, I rely on the Internet and TV for news now) but by about 10 the first day of Spring over Manchester was dazzlingly blue.

I'd agreed to go into Manchester for my first ever blip meet. Drove the car to Chorlton and then caught the tram into the city. I actually got off at Cornbrook so I could walk in through Pomona but that's difficult it proved . I did eventually get across the river but then had problems getting back across to the Manchester bank because of another huge development that's just started.

We met up in the café of the art gallery and then went for a wander. I seemed to acquire the role of guide so I suggested that we go down to Spinningfields where all that sunshine bounces off all that glass, there's a nice contrast between the old and the new and there was a market going on. That's where I took this picture.

From there is was over to the N4 via St Ann's Sqaure and a look in at my barbershop, BarberBarber. The N4 was busy and we needed cake. Teacup offered us a hour's wait, Sugar Junction was about 20 minutes and Rosylee seemed to have changed into a restaurant. We eventually found seats, no wait and cake in TAKK on Tariff Street. The group liked it. I will have to stop taking people there or it will get as bad as everywhere else!

From there it was along the Rochdale Canal into Ancoats to find the St Peter's Hallé Church then back into the N4 for a look at the Mackie Mayor Market. Down to the river again to look at the Cathedral and then a long walk along Deansgate to the tram station to get back to the car.

One of the group had one of those watches that tells you how many steps you have taken. It was about 11 Kms worth or 8 miles in old money.

Lots of walking, lots of pictures, lots of fun and new friends.

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