Especially for GadgetKid :)

Today is my sister GadgetKid's birthday and I saved this picture from the Flower Show especially for her, as she likes sunflowers! This was a rather lovely display of sunflowers and orchids. Hope she likes her virtual flower display.

Had an appointment with the neurologist today, and sadly as there is only slight improvement of my facial paralysis, he reckoned that I might be in the 3-6 month recovery group! I was quite disheartened by this, as I'm finding this quite hard, but I'll just have to deal with it and be happy that it will go.

Had lunch with Nadine and Ev in Soho, which was just lovely, so that cheered me up nicely.

A quick visit to HK Immigration to submit an application for a HK passport! Here's hoping for the best. The officer asked me in Cantonese if I understood Cantonese, and luckily, I understood what she was saying. I told her I could order dim sum in Cantonese quite confidently ;-). I'm all about Chinese food!!!

Friend Cecilia dropped by in the evening to collect stuff, and I encouraged her to stay for a glass of wine and she did. We had a good catch up ....and wine.

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