The Master At Work

During a quiet day puppy minding and catching up with jobs, I went for a short walk with DM and met on the Moor the seemingly indestructable  earth dreamer, looking a bit more battered and bruised than in previous pictures, but slowly clearing his head (enough to think about getting on his bike soon - dr's advice passed on quickly!). After observing his gait, surreptitiously observing his pupils and speech, we both spotted 3 young ladies with cameras around their necks, nothing wrong with his vision then.....they were helpless in the way of the tsunami of charm, whit and joyfulness that is Bob, and the sympathy elicited by his facial injuries only added to that.

Here he is selling blipfoto, and helping Chloe to the realisation that there would be nothing better in her day than posing for him to shoot her portrait.

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