Some Beauty and Laughter

Woke up and sure enough a light dusting of snow and just above freezing. Had a message to head to our Reno yard and take the rest of the day off. 

So I first took a stroll down by the river and saw this beautiful woodpecker. I also caught this robin just contemplating on a branch.

From there I headed to the lake for a nice two mile walk. Saw this little fellow trying to keep up with mom and dad. 

Nothing like an odd couple in the next photo. I was told by a local these are some foreign ducks that was let loose in this pond a few years ago. They seem to be doing well..

The last one totally cracked me up.. I have never seen a seagull get some water and then tilt his/hers head straight up and then spit it out. Almost like he/she had some bad fish breath or something...

Hopefully tomorrow I will see some more beauty...

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