Oh no, Minstrel Cat!

Today I have been out for a delicious lunch at the Harvester restaurant on the Brayford with my friend Lynn. I had cauliflower cheese tart which was the veggie option. I'm not vegetarian but that was what I fancied! And a yummy brownie and ice cream pudding too!

When I got home Minstrel was happy to see me as usual, but once I'd made a fuss of him I noticed him go behind the open door of the computer desk. I looked to see what he was doing, and he was chewing the Kindle charger wire! None of the other wires are chewed, just this one! And although he's always scratching things, I don't think he's chewed anything before!

Anyway, looking at the wire I can see a cat shape there!  I just wish he'd find another way of expressing his artistic side!

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