When it's grey outdoors

... and the birds all hide
I'm glad of my ornaments here inside.

(Well, the blackbird's an ornament; the fruit is real!)

This started out as an exercise in composition in response to Emma Davies's A Year with my Camera online photography course (it's Week 3 of 4 on composition). The aim was to use odd numbers to create an asymmetric composition, also using other techniques from previous weeks, such as 'negative space' (empty areas) and 'leading lines' (like the blackbird's tail to lead the eye into the picture).

After that, I couldn't resist playing further with the image on Photoshop, adding a mosaic effect. Well, it's raining!

Thank you for all the lovely comments and stars that you gave my bluetit yesterday. Ornaments are great, but you can't beat real feathered beauties! Different members of family arriving tonight and tomorrow, so comments may be limited. (Today they've been even more limited as our internet connection's been dire all day! )

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