In Hot Pursuit!

Spring is busting out all over! I was on campus Friday morning. Spring blooms were popping, and love was in the air. Ducks were playing games of Romeo and Juliet on the bridge by the duck pond. And then I heard a commotion overhead and looked up to see this: a male squirrel in hot pursuit of a female!

"Please wait, my darling, I just want to love you!" he seemed to be saying. But she was having none of it. She had other places to go, more important things to do!

"But please!" he pleaded; "I have a huge, marvelous, floofy tail! The better to love you with - I shall wrap it around you, my darling, to keep you warm!" But off she ran. And so did he: in hot pursuit! (And my darlings, I have no doubt that this scene was not the END of this particular squirrel tail/tale!)

The song: U2, All I Want Is You, from Rattle and Hum.

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