Hungry caterpillars

Pat and I went next door to feed the goldfish. We checked the swan plant he has and it was almost bare. After a summer without a monarch caterpillar suddenly it is loaded. We counted 25 of various sizes. I still have none so when He comes home I'll ask if I can shift some on to me plant.
None have gone into chrysalis stage yet although they can't be far away.
The skin? fur? is like a soft velour fabric.

We have been to the market, the marina and for a drive to the Upper Moutere- oh, and Trev and I mushroomed again this morning. Enough for tea.

The computer man rang back exactly at 9.40pm and we went through th resets of everything and finally the ipad breathed new life. Somehow (and here I will blame Trev) an old email address which had been created
to try and access apple in the early days of us having an ipad had suddenly blocked all the id's and addresses we had used since. I blame their upgrade. Plus a new feature which asked for two authentications. The chap said say no to that and Trev had said yes.

It has been a stunning Easter Sunday here after a tumultuous week.

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