Sapphire Crystal

Hang on!! What's this? Hobbs has posted images two days in a row. Something must be badly amiss somewhere. This time it's a Seiko sapphire crystal dress watch ... of which I am rather fond.

I know it's another watch blip but I shall explain. When I was working I used to have a sort of dedicated space set up as a catalogue product and/or portrait studio utilising lots of purpose designed stands and studio flashes and backdrops and such. All that stuff got sold off ages ago and I have been without such a facility for ages ... until now. While yesterday's blip was a spur of the moment handheld grab, today I have finally done what I have promised myself I'd do and improvised a new still life studio. As always shiny subjects are my favourite. Maybe I was some kind of moth in a past life.

I love to rabbit on about how lighting is more important than cameras and so once again I have used my humble Stylus 1.  

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