Mono Monday: Portraits, Past

I've been meaning to share this blast from the past -- 57 years ago! -- for quite a while, and this week's Mono Monday theme of "Portraits" seemed an ideal time.

I'd been in Mrs. Grove's 6th grade class for only a month, as my family had moved from New Jersey to Ohio just after Christmas 1958 so that my father could take a new job. When this photo was taken in late January 1959, less than a month after that move, I still was settling in -- trying to learn names and make friends, not easy when many of my classmates had been together for six years of school -- and find my place in a new school, church, and community. 

The young girl gazing out from this photo (I'm sure you'll recognize me instantly) would have been amazed had she known what experiences life would bring to her -- or that she would seek. 

One example -- she went from using her grandmother's ancient Underwood manual typewriter to an iMac, a marvel that would have been completely incomprehensible to her in 1959! (It's still more than a little incomprehensible to her...)

(Addition: See if you can find tookie in a similar class photo, and learn how we met here on Blipfoto!)

Blip 1509

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