Tears for my son

Today is Blaze's birthday.  He will always remain 24, but today he would have turned 27.  

It is a good thing that in New Zealand the Tuesday after Easter is a school holiday, so no official work for me today - though I did go in for a few hours this morning.  I woke early with the awareness of the date, and couldn't get back to sleep, so went in to work to try and focus my mind on something else.  It didn't really work but at least I tried! Then, late morning, I headed up to the lake.

Twigs (Second Half of Life) had suggested we meet at Lake Rotoiti for a catch up today.  Initially I intended to say no, but then realised that it would do me good to get out and focus on something other than myself and loss.  It was a great catch up with lots to talk about.  And we played around with our cameras, trying different things.  So two mini blipmeets for me this long weekend!

I had planned to blip a duck but was pretty disappointed with everything I took.  So I resorted to my backyard for inspiration.  Unsurprisingly, given my lack of enthusiasm for gardening nowadays, the only 'pretties' there at the moment are dandelion heads.

I bought one inside and put it in a vase, then got out the trusty spray bottle.  This feels more like a blip for Blaze than a duck would have been anyway.

I can't help asking myself what else he'd have achieved by now if that drunk driver hadn't been on the road at that time on that day.

Didn't realise when I took this that it was a tiny Tuesday - nice wee fluke there.

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