By bluewlf04

Bridging the Gap

This is the view from the Manchester Bridge sidewalk looking upon the city skyline. This bridge is unique for several reasons. First off, it has been rebuilt four times. The first three iterations were railway bridges. It was burned in the evacuation of the city during the Civil War (resulting in significant damage to the city). The third iteration was removed as part of an agreement between the city and the Federal Reserve in which the city promised to clean up the riverfront in exchange for the building of the Federal Reserve Bank in the 1970s (the tall building to the left of the walkway in the picture; designed by the same man who designed the ill-fated World Trade Center in New York City). It also sports a sidewalk that passes between the two traffic lanes, unlike any other bridge in the city.

I feel like this bridge is the most inspirational because it brings you directly into the heart of downtown and plants you smack dab in the mix of the highrises. The view at night is something to behold.

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