Need for Water

27th March 2016:

A note from Rose

Last week at Easter I went to Lilongwe to see my sister, it was very successful journey because people just seeing me they were as if they had seen clean water!! 
I was discussing about water with my sister because they are drawing water far away from home travelling one and half hours to find water. So I said what if you can dig wells so that we can put pumps on it. 
Then she went to the chief of the village and talked about it then they called a senior chief and discuss the same issue. 
The good thing is that these people has already dug many wells and have built from inside but they are lacking the slab and the pump.  This chief has got 21 villages and has got 5200 people with serious problems getting clean water.  So they were pleading with me that maybe we can give them some pumps. So here are the pics of the wells and the chiefs I met.  You can see the type of wells they have dug  as if Zulu went there to teach them.

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