Beaumont Butchers Linton

Last month Nextnorth were asked to do a website for the the local butchers that have taken over the premises from our friends the Ashcrofts.

Today I went over to go through the pages I've done so far and to take pictures of them outside the shop for the website.  We were all a bit self concious and this was the one I liked the most as it captured that.  I much prefer the informal captures.  (Not destined for the website).  

So today I launched a website, set up an email forwarder, took and processed photos, went out for (a business) lunch, brainstormed a new website service and designed an on-line survey for people who have a stoma.  My work life is very varied as I work for three people and all three needed my help today :-)

It's all good, though fitting in bringing up a family might be stretching it....

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