National Little Red Wagon Day ...

Not only is today National Little Red Wagon Day it's also National Take a Walk in the Park Day.  

As my back is feeling so much better after getting the lumbar injection yesterday I decided to get out and "take a walk in the park"! I started by going to Saucon Park as I had heard that there are Belted Kingfishers there.  Unfortunately, even though I heard one I didn't actually see him/her on my short visit to the park.  However, I did encounter two gentlemen (see extra #2) out on their "walk in the park"! 

From Saucon Park I drove down to the Saucon Rail Trail Park to see what I could photograph there.  I was surprised by how people were out walking here given that it was a Wednesday and mid-day. While I was taking my "walk in the park" I finally got a decent picture of a red squirrel!  He/she sat there long enough so that I could get several good pictures. 

As I really wanted to put my back to the test, after leaving the rail trail I stopped to do some grocery shopping!  And I am pleased to tell you that my back feels pretty good!

In order to celebrate National Little Red Wagon Day when I got home from shopping I set out this little red wagon that R bought me last year. I was hoping for another chipmunk to visit me, but the squirrels were the only visitors. And I'm okay with that.  I have added another extra of my pal Scutter getting his share of the peanuts. 

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