Blipmeet - Bletchley Park

It was a busy day today at Bletchley Park for a blipmeet (I'd forgotten the kids would still be on holiday).

In the traditional blipmeet photo you can see (from right to left):
Flossie, Nicoiseannie, Polly H, Anniemay, Igor, Tiedmark, Hildasrose & her SHH Rob.  BlackTulip joined us for coffee before we set off, and JDO joined us from lunchtime.  Unfortunately we missed 57Daisies although she was there (hope you still had a good day).  You can see the mansion in the background on the left and one of the code-breaking huts is on the right.  The extra is of the bar in the mansion, dressed 1940's style.

As usual there was lots of chat over coffee and lunch and some taking of photos too!  Thanks all for coming along.

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