Little Wren

I was so thrilled with this. My sister took me out and I was really down when she picked me up. Nicki was taking pictures, but I find I cannot stand for long enough. But determination to do something, I sat down on the sloping sand bank and although I was stuck in one place, this little Wren popped up from a crack in the rocks and I was able to take quite a few pictures.
The reason I was upset is, I was refused a parking permit, which means now I cannot go for a swim at the leisure centre, as I can't walk the distance from the main car park. I rang to find out any more information, and they suggested I ask friends to take me, but they are at work! Or get a taxi both ways, that would cost a fortune! So I'm going to have to try complaining harder, but it's just not in me to do that. How do others manage?

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