Two or three years ago when I was wanting to hang a picture on the wall, I looked for the small spirit level I had inherited from my father. It wasn't where I was (I think it was the apartment) so I assumed that it was at the Beachhouse and went ahead using the cumbersome metre long level which I did have. Some time later I looked for it again and it was at neither place. Following repeated searches, I decided that maybe one of the builders may have taken it. And felt sad.

We are preparing for sale the house that we have had as a rental property for our daughters (the only way that they could reside in the centre of the city, which they in turn wished to do). That process involves removing 15 years of accumulated stuff from the "basement"; little more than an open space with a concrete floor under the house. 

Yesterday I found a large cardboard box in which were a number of items including my old wallpaper hanging stuff, all neatly placed in the water trough (without water, naturally). Looking through that with nostalgia, I saw the spirit level underneath the paper brush. Elsewhere in the same cardboard box were two other bits of my father's tools. His old folding rule, and a home made (by whom I do not know) block for various sized hole punches. Also there, at the bottom of the box, were his punches along with the red one I had bought a very long time ago.

This box had been overlooked repeatedly, and I was doing a last minute check to ensure that nothing worthwhile was going to be taken away by the rubbish men (on Tuesday). 

To say that I was delighted would be an understatement.

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