Double Show

We (Helle and I + dogs) arrived to the Dog Dancing Competition venue at 9 pm on Friday evening. We got the paper-work for the competition sorted and then we went to bed in the caravan, which was waiting for us. 

Gollum had a blast! He did not sleep much, but he loved his night in the caravan surrounded by all of his friends. He was excited. The rest of us not so much! I do hope this puppy learns to appriciate sleep soon!!

So at 6 am the alarm rang and Helle and I got up and started getting ready for a busy day. It was a double show (2 competions in one day in the same venue) and I was judging, competing and organizing. I was basically busy from 6 am when we got up to 10 pm, when Helle and I left the venue to drive home.

The boys did good! 

Hero performed his routine twice (once in each cmpetition) and got a 2nd and a 3rd place. He worked brilliantly in the first round, but was a bit OTT in the second round. He needs time and attention to work his best and I did not have enough time for him yesterday.

Biscuit performed once (he is an old man - no need to ask him to do it twice) and won the senior class with his new (old) routine, which I told about a few days ago - he was a star and did not put a paw wrong.

Gollum was a super little man too - he can be such a teenage in training and sometimes he drives me crazy with his 'Nah I don't think I want t do that today', but yesterday he sat up in his cage and watched the competion for 12 hours - he should have been exhausted, but he was in the puppy class twice and he was fantastic. He ignored the busy surroundings and focused on me, he worked with energy and power and he was just so easy to handle. WOW - where did that come from???

It was past midnight, when I was home, which is why I am back blipping.... I was just too tired to even think of uploading a blip at that time. 

I was too busy to take pictures yesterday, so I only had about 15 pictures to choose from. I liked this one of Mette and her lovely Bichon Havanais performing in the novice freestyle class.

Soooo I guess it is 'See you later today' this time :-)
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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