In My Woodland Garden

In my woodland garden there was a strange woman going around in the dark with a camera!

The Man and I have worked all afternoon in the garden, sawing branches off a crab-apple tree and transferring bluebells into my little bit of woodland.I managed to get quite a few thymes planted around the paving, too.

These Anemone blanda are like giant wood anemones, I hope they'll thrive. This bit of the garden which I designed last year is starting to come together though I have a lot of bare ground. The recent floods did a good job of spreading the wild garlic and later on I'll be sowing forget-me-nots and wild flower seed mixes.

I had all the hours of daylight to photograph these but I really fancied trying out my ring flash in the dark.

I should have been trying a bit harder. This shot marks my real 7th Blip Birthday. I got my balloon weeks ago because of the addition of archived blips. I remembered in the middle of the night but then forgot all about it! I like to think it matters because it would be the last page in a Blipbook (if they ever return) and would sum up the past year:- "This was the year we saved Blipfoto" seems to say it all.

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