What makes you think it's worth making a cup of tea and pouring it into a little flask? Experience!

I got up and went out with the camera and a pair of secateurs. I used the camera but not the secateurs, an invasion of fishermen prevented me. Got the secateurs out of my pocket and put them to good use in the garden this afternoon. We now have to get our garden in order after the flooding, it was great being outside working. I loved feeling the sun on my back.

Here in the UK, never before has someone's death been the source of so much hilarity and laughter. I refer to the passing of Ronnie Corbett on Thursday. Our TV channels have been paying tribute to the comedian with numerous sketches, some of which I'd never seen.

The flask I took out this morning was not a tartan one. You have to be a certain age to understand why Ronnie said he didn't like to wear too much tartan as people mistook him for a Thermos flask!

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