A celebration is imminent. It needs flutes. But, on second thoughts, a celebration on a beach needs plastics. Must go and buy some plastics, forgot to go back and pick them up when I was at Hayes.

A lot of work done today. Planks cut to size for #2 Daughter's allotment. Half price planters picked up from the garden centre with vouchers for another phase of my garden planning.

Patio cleared, weeding done, buddleja pruned right back, (well done That Man!). Ahhh! Summer is on its way! I love winter for photography, but we've had no snow so roll on sunshine, being outside makes me feel so good!

The blip is inspired by an advert on UK TV with wine being poured into the glasses. The flutes aren't being used tonight, not for whisky!

A project I have been working on recently, using a plug-in filter, Fractalius, got Art By Camera a place in a local art show! 

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