Mediocrity Photography

By EqoZ

Hall of Justice

Hello Blippers! I've been quiet this week. My excuse is that I was on Jury Duty. Not that I can't use a computer while on Jury Duty, but I do most of my blipping at work (On lunch breaks, I tell myself), and blipping from home just isn't part of my habit at this time. So to welcome me back, here's one side of the Milwaukee County Court House.

This building is so dang impressive from the outside. I was quite torn to blip this pic, or one that shows 2 sides of it. In this case, I chose the front shot because it features my bike locked up. Vanity, it's a terrible thing, I know.

The building was built in 1944 or so, and it's an 11 story beast. According to wikipedia, "While heralded as one of the grandest courthouses in the United States, it was once called a "million dollar rockpile" by famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright." Yikes.

After half a day of waiting, I was eventually selected to be on a jury. The trial started late in the day, we only had about 1 hour of trial or so before we stopped for the day.

I'll talk more about the experience when I blip the following day. I'll also continue to backblip from the previous week as I get a chance.


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