Mediocrity Photography

By EqoZ

Who is watching me?

Friday morning, I was biking by myself to work (my girl was home sick). I took a slightly different than usual route, one that leads me along a rinver and under an overpass. From a distance, I saw the above sight.

What you're seeing is an arm that lowers to stop traffic, the overpass is a drawbridge for boat traffic, and the circular shape that's directly underneath the streetlight is the bell that rings to alert traffic (and a light as well). My brain knew fully well what this was as I saw it, but try as I may, I couldn't help but see something else.

Are you all familiar with Kid Alert? The day-glow green/yellow plastic silhouette that looks vaguely like an icon of a child that adults put out by the road to alert drivers that their offspring might be recklessly running about, and 35MPH is far faster than anyone should need to be driving through a subdivision? Well, if you weren't familiar, you are now.

Despite my best efforts, that drawbridge bell and box below it looked like a thin-necked version of Kid Alter, and I imagined him peering down at me as I approached. Like something out of a horror film.

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