The Secret

Do you want to know a secret?
Do you promise not to tell? Whoa oh oh . . .
Let me whisper in your ear . . .

It was a day for young creatures. :-)

I visited Millbrook Marsh in the morning, and it was quite cold. I found the edges of the boardwalk thick with hoar frost. As I suspected I might, near the bridge, I caught sight of Millbrook's family of white-tailed deer.

There was a doe and two fawns, and I spied at least one more deer in the thicket who wouldn't come out and pose for me. The little family stood together and engaged in mutual grooming behavior that was charming to see.

In the main photo, the one sibling is actually giving the other a little bath, though it looks for all the world as though the one doing the bathing is whispering secrets in the other's ear!

Later in the day, I was on campus, and I saw something delicate and pretty falling on the breeze: snow flurries, or flowers falling from the trees? It turns out that it was BOTH! Flurry-flowers flying/falling: it must be April!

I swung by the duck pond to see if there were any tiny ducklings yet. I was happily rewarded: I saw my very first family of ducklings! There were about 10 or 12 babies. I took quite a few photos but I'm not sure I EVER managed to get all of them into the same shot, as there were always ducklings spilling out at the edges, as ducklings are wont to do!

The photo in the extras was taken as they walked past the duck pond and through the alumni gardens. From there they explored the green grass around several of the engineering buildings. Make way for the duckling brigade!

I had anticipated their path's trajectory, and I sat waiting for them on a bench in front of E E East. They arrived like chaos, and swept through the area, nibbing and nebbing on every little thing. A leaf blew past and a tiny duckling pounced on it. Life is just one great big adventure when you're a duckling! (And even when you're not.)

The song to accompany this posting is by the Beatles, Do You Want To Know a Secret. The lyrics in italics above are from the same song.

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