Some fin funny has happened ...

... to my feet!

A very busy day. Up at 06:15 as there was a chair being delivered between 07:00 and 14:00. I was going to the pool on my own as Mr T was going to wait in. They phoned at 07:00 and were here by 07:30 so he can got to go to the gym, and have a bacon sandwich afterwards. I got to try out my new swimming fins which I had instead of an Easter Egg (waiting for stock to arrive). It was fairly quiet and so I managed to swim 3,000m which is my further distance to date.

Then back home to clear out the old desk ready for the new one being delivered this afternoon. In between did three loads of washing which dried outside so smells lovely, made lunch, did the ironing, then Dad came down to collect the old desk and we talked through some ideas for our extension with him. Then tea, unpacked the shopping, and built a chair.

So what to Blip at the end of a busy day? Thought I'd go with the Michael Phelps fins!

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