Sill Saturday: Sunshine and Smiles

A quiet chilled out morning.  We should have been collecting our new car (which reached the UK two weeks ago and beat the road tax change deadline) but has "got lost"!  That could be silly if it wasn't disappointing!  It should have been there last Monday, but we have now found out that when it leaves Japan, it isn't actually finished.  Once it reaches the UK it has to be fitted with the right seats, wheels, extras and the sat nav programmed.  So it isn't lost and is now ready to be loaded onto the transporter on Monday.

Anyway, we had planned to call in and see family on the way back to drop off J's birthday card and money and deliver Easter Eggs.  It's always so much fun there.  Very relaxed and the little ones are just adorable and we always have lots of silly things and laughing.  We love seeing how they are changing and their characters are developing.  There is always so much going on it can be hard to have a conversation though.  Thank you R and C for having us once again!

I have included an extra of H who hid his egg behind the sofa because "Grandad loves chocolate"!  Although he did give us his last two Mini Eggs, and has requested more for next time!

Also the view along the A48 of Narrow Hill.  It was 22 deg C when I took this picture for BBC Weather Watchers!

Thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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