Scrapbook Saturday: "A Collection" - Eye Baths

The subject for my personal "Scrapbook Saturday" challenge today is "A Collection". (See this link for an explanation of my Scrapbook Saturdays.)

In view of my (pre-retirement) role as an eye surgeon, some years ago my better half gave me this little collection of eye baths which she had sourced from a local antique store. We were amused by the variety of designs. So it seemed appropriate to blip it today.

As for the "eye" itself, I can't quite remember where that came from. I think I picked it up as a freebie at a company stand at meeting. It was wrapped like a sweet in a cellophane wrapper which I just opened today for the photo. Maybe now that I've done the photo I'll lick it and see if it really is a sweet, or just a rather macabre ornament!!

I hope you don't find this all too scary...;-)

PS Yes it is a sweet - Yum Yum!!

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