Scattered Polaroids

By sp

From now on, I am to be addressed as Scattered Polaroids, Bachelor of Arts.

Yep! Totally graduated today!!

I got on the same train from Winch as Graham had in Oxford, and that my family had in Reading. We all went to Southampton together, where we were met by Graham's family who drove us to a pub in the middle of nowhereshire in the New Forest. Cute little place, with amaaaazine food. My four cheese pasta with walnuts and a pear sauce was to die for. Thankfully, I didn't die, and I managed a pudding too.

Quick change in the toilet, then drove back to Southampton. I was trying so hard not to ladder my tights, but instead I scraped my leg down the side of the car: red scratch mark and black grease all over me. Not a great start. I think though, that was the only disaster.

We picked up our robes (which I kinda miss now, they were comfy) and our guest tickets, had some profesh photos taken, and watched a bit of the earlier ceremony on the big screen before setting off for our one. I was second in the overall running order. It's all a bit of a blur. The attendant explained we'd stand up row by row, there was a bit of funeral-esque organ music, then suddenly I was up there, shaking hands with the vice chancellor. He was nice. Thankfully, I was sat right at the front for the whole thing, so there were no stairs to fall up/down. By the end my hands ached from all the clapping.

Photos outside (including this one), then to the reception for champagne and strawberries. Apparently Pose got cake, but there was none left by the time we got there.

Generally a very good day.
I'm knackered now.
Congratulations my loves (if any of you happen to read this!)

Oh, and props to my mum, who took this. Photo skills, eh mother.

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