Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

Day 10 Alphabet April J is for Jelly!

I was really struggling today to think of another J image besides jewellery which would have been far too predictable for me!

So into the fridge just before lunch to pull out vegetables and there it was...staring at me...a large and as yet untouched bowl of strawberry jelly...Blip sorted!

We do like a bit of jelly and yoghurt after our sandwich in the evening and Mr. Yana1 is rather good at making sure we have plenty available....

Quite a busy Sunday today for us... a bit of food shopping this morning then lunch and I have been doing some dressmaking this afternoon...well it's called that but it wasn't really a dress...

My lovely sister and fellow Blipper bought some rather beautiful material up with her from my late Mom's house not long after my Mom passed away...when she came to stay with us for a few days.  Since then the material has just sat waiting for me to think of something to do with it....I was going to get some trousers made from it but it was going to cost far more than the material was worth so back to the drawing board.  Whilst we were in Birmingham last week I spotted a rather nice kaftan top in Zara and would have bought it had the queue been less than a mile that got me hard could a kaftan be to make?

So...this afternoon I have made a very simple kaftan from half of the material and (even better) I have my letter K for tomorrow...all I need is to take a photo of me wearing it in the morning and et voila!

The air was a bit blue though as I'm hopeless with the sewing machine and it wasn't quite as easy as I had originally thought but I'm very pleased with the result as it will do nicely for warmer climes when we go away and may even accompany me to Australia in July when we have a nice wee break booked with my lovely sister and her hubby.....

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