Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Villa Sentosa, Malay Kampong, Malacca

Day 12

Another walk along the river to breakfast. I was more brave today and had noodles and wonton soup.

Then a visit to the Malay village. It is a living museum. We wandered into the first garden and saw a welcome sign into a lovely sitting room. As we walked further into the garden we came across an old lady, and she invited us to see her home. She is 84, nine generations have lived there, it was like stepping back in time. We each banged the gong three times, to wish us happiness. The Wedding Room was particularly interesting, with wedding outfits and shoes worn by many family members. We were invited to sit on the red chairs, take a heart shaped cushion, lay our hands on it, and sit with our feet together. Lots of family stories, her grandfather was awarded an MBE, and the King and Queen of Malaysia once visited the house.

We saw several other homes, everyone so welcoming. Then back to the hotel to meet our driver. Bought lots of meat dumplings steamed in banana leaves, then a long drive back to Johor Bahru. Big stock up on fruit at a service centre, which also had a prayer room. First time I have come across this.

Excellent dinner of Emperor's Chicken and Yam ring in JB, then a long queue to get back into Singapore. Very thorough, it took half an hour to process the ten in our car.

Back at the house now, after such a special trip.

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