Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Superb Starling, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

Day 13

A visit here in memory of my late Mother in Law. She loved this place. Very hot day, 33C.

I really enjoyed the Waterfall Aviary. A massive canopied area with many birds flying around. The falls are over 100 feet high. We could get so close to the birds and watch them feeding. Parakeets cheekily chirping right beside us, peaking out of their nest.

Flamingoes, pelicans, penguins, ibis, toucan and kingfisher. So much to take in, and beautiful landscaping all around.

Back to the house for more cookery lessons. They eat so healthy here. A massive range of green veg, and so many fruits we have been trying for the first time. All delicious. I really like soursop.

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