Danksound's Musing

By Danksound

Work in Progress

This is Aldgate High Street and when they have finished the work at the end of this month it will be open to traffic again. They widened the pavements and are now planting some trees in the new pavement. One of the building men kindly opened the gate for me so I could get a clear picture of the work being done.
The new square in the extras will contain a new pavilion and cafe for pedestrians. It opens in 2017. The work is moving along very quickly. The new tall office block going up now hides the view of the gherkin from this side of Aldgate. I apologise for lopping the top of the church off in my hurry to take the picture before he shut the gate again.
Yesterday's picture is here I got behind again https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2167398551993190521

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