... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Characterful Cable Connector

More and less friendly in large.

I spent all day (/week) looking at and thinking about stereo camera setups... Meanwhile, this wide-eyed connector looked at me. This is part of the (very unfriendly) breakout cable that is required for setting up the high-speed cameras that I currently have access to (shown in the extras). They're old cameras but capable of capturing amazing footage (1280x1024 resolution video at 500 frames-per-second); operating them, though, is a complete nightmare, and this bundle of cables is part of the problem. To connect the two cameras to the computer and to synchronise them takes 4 cables to each camera! AND even after that they still refuse to speak to my computer (*sigh*).

They're a bit of a mission short term, but I actually spent most of the day designing the setup that I'll be buying and using for my project longer term. If I can get these ones up and running they'd certainly help me to address some of the methodological challenges that need to be tackled to get the whole idea off the ground.

p.s. The cameras have mismatched lens caps, not mismatched lenses...

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