Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


It was raining and cold this morning, quite a change from the lovely sunshine we had during the week, so we have stayed indoors and not done much. 

Luke has been working quite hard on all his university stuff, reading German and French books all week and writing essays but tonight he has decided to have the night off and so he invited a few friends around for a BBQ. Gavin and I offered to go get the food he needed from the supermarket this morning - nothing like fighting for car spaces in the supermarket car park on a busy Saturday morning to raise the blood pressure a little!

I had taken no photos today and was thinking about taking some photos of Luke's friends (who I know very well!) but Luke was so horrified at the thought of his friends being accosted by his mother and her camera that he quickly offered to let me take a photo of him before they arrived. Success! I should threaten that each time someone way of getting a willing model!

Thank you for your kind thoughts on my friend's sad loss and the funeral yesterday. I think about it when I wake up every morning.

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