Young .......

.....  Sparrow Hawk;  I'm having a run on birds at the moment, but if they turn up, then of course I'll blip them.  I noticed this one whilst looking out of the window, and at first it appeared to be brown so I thought it might be a female, but I've revised my opinion as after some debate I've concluded the proper term for him is "young" or "immature" (not juvenile as I'd first thought.)  Juvenile only refers to birds still having differently coloured plumage to that which they'll have when mature. Kim also pointed out that young hawks have a yellow eye, and when mature it's red.  I'd noticed the different eye, but had thought it was down to the light when the shot was taken.

Note:-  originally I gave this entry the title Juvenile, which as per the above explanation was incorrect.

We've been with my brother and sister-in-law today and hearing about their ever growing family  - so many new babies, and they just love being in the midst of it all.  It's nice to see the photos and hear all the news, but I'm glad it's them and not me.

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