VIPP = Very Important Poodle Passenger

I got very excited as I approached the departure area of my flight back to London this morning. I discovered that this beautiful apricot poodle would be coming with us. Her name was Nula and she was an ESA - an 'Emotional Support Animal'. As an ESA, she did not have to be confined to a crate or have to go into the normal pet area in the cargo pit.

Nula was very well behaved, even if she was a bit of a princess with her own pillow and blanket. Her owner was pleased to find out that I also have an apricot poodle.  I was happy when Nula let me hold her during a quiet part of the flight (see Extra photo) and she even fell asleep in my arms.

Although ESAs are a little controversial, I love having them on board and if there is a genuine need I can see great benefit for the passenger.  I wonder if I could argue that Dolly is my ESA and should be allowed to accompany me on every work trip?  Hmm - probably not, but I can dream!  Nula was lovely, but well, she was just a very cute dog!  Dolly, on the other hand, to quote a friend, is a human being in a fur coat!

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