Mono Monday - Environment

I don't usually participate in the Mono Monday challenge, but was inspired by some of the blips that I follow.

So here's my contribution - my environment - The Plaza. The activity being held today here was the flea market. An opportunity for residents to sell 'stuff'! We've browsed through these, over the years, when the boys were younger, and bought an inflatable paddle boat, which the boys used in our beach. They loved it. So there is some use to having a flea market, one person's junk is another person's treasure!

Perhaps we should send Ben and Jon down to get rid of stuff before the set off for uni. Not a bad idea actually. I came up with that all by myself.

Today's been a good day. Jon, Ben and I went to the dentist for routine check and to see the hygienist. Ben's had one of his front teeth that was chipped filled in. So he's feeling quite chuffed. Thankfully, no other issues for either of us.

Back to DB and a very impromptu happy hour with friends Sam and Juhi down at the Plaza waterfront. A rather lovely setting.

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