I was on my way with Omo to find something suitable for the MonoMonday theme "Environment"....but I was very uninspired.
I found beautiful views, but they didn't work in black and white...
Walking over one of the meadows, I spotted a movement, but nothing was visible. But I'm curious. I fixed  Omo with the leash at a tree and went back.
The gras wasn't that high, but I found nothing. I thought already that I had hallucinations, when I spotted this eye. The hare was very near by. What a fabulous cammouflage! We starred towards each other for a while, than I made a wrong movement and he ran away....

Another busy day. Fell asleep while having a break, fell asleep while looking after Ts shower, fell asleep onto the couch and had enormous problems to awake again to bring T. to her bed, feed Omo and have my daily phonecall with Grandpa and finally I'm struggeling with sleep while typing this.
Sorry, lads, no commenting, again, but I'll need some sleep!
Sleep....chr puh ..chr...puh...

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