All aboard

Today we boarded the ship in Cape Liberty.

An interesting drive in from our hotel with a very informative driver who told us a lot about the cruise ship and entertaining stories about people missing the boats.

We set sail just after 3:30 and had the most wonderful views of Manhattan which my images don't do justice but with the strong heat there was a bit of a blue haze.

Spot Manhattan and the One World Trade Centre in the reflection of the ships glass.

Extras ---> A cocktail in front of the city, being escorted on the water by NYPD and a more straight forward view of the city.

We've spent the rest of the day getting to grips with this massive ship and I'm still unsure how to get to the vital places like my cabin.

We dined in the American Icon Restaurant, which was rather nice and another early....ish night was on the cards but at least we stayed up four hours later than last night. 

Mr Bo Hingles

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