Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Dubai Opera District

Well not quite, but that prominent curvy white structure that you see in this picture is Dubai's new Opera House!! First time I'm seeing it... and against the backdrop of the fountain... well... it had to be my blip!

Met up with "old" friends Malcolm and Sally who are passing through Dubai on their way back from China! I say old because we met them 20 years ago when they moved to Dubai. Sally ended up helping with the small tour company that I ran, and as they are travelling with friends, Sally is being tour guide. (Well trained she is too!)

It's been an incredible busy and tiring day, and I'm afraid there was no time energy to blip when I got home around 11pm. We did insist they experience Morelli's ice cream. It went down well. :D

We've had a GREAT evening, so much so, they've asked if we can meet up again on Wednesday!

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