Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Busy day

Woke early for the new cleaner - who actually arrived early!! Yikes!
She got to it right away and I was amazed she was finished in 2 hours! [Found out why later!]

Had to go out to do a few chores so off we went... to collect my watch which had a battery changed, and do the weekly shop (yawn) and browse a bit (hint in the picture) and for me to get a haircut (much needed I was told by Elvie) and finally, to see the newly completed grave for my Dad. A bit later than planned, but the ground has very definitely settled, and it should all be ok. (Gosh, that must be the longest sentence I've ever written).

I didn't enjoy waking so early, but I was super pleased that so much was finished before 11am leaving the rest of the day to enjoy/get other things done. Another weekend flown by all too quickly.

Bumped into two people today whom we haven't seen in AGES. I always wonder about coincidences like that... like what are the odds?!

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