Singing a sweet song

It has been so long since I joined the local nature association on a walk that I cannot even remember how long it's been. On Sunday afternoon I shall be doing so again though but this walk will be at an area I've not visited before so it will be completely new territory for me.

When I got out of bed, I had no intention of going out on my day off today, but at lunch time I changed my mind and decided to make a test run on the bus to see how long it will take me on Sunday to get to the meeting point in time for the walk and explored the area a bit before returning home. While I was there, I saw various butterflies - an Orange-tip and a small blue butterfly which I cannot identify because it flew past a little too quickly, as well as a Speckled Wood and a few white butterflies.

Wandering around I also spotted a few Long-tailed Tits high up in the trees, but the highlight of the afternoon definitely was at first only hearing and eventually also seeing a male Blackcap. Usually I end up with only blurry captures when attempting to photograph such small birds, but this time I managed to get some rather good ones and one of these just had to be my blip for today.

Thank you so much for all the comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's Coots blip. Each one is very much appreciated.

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