By Veronica

Daily bread

I love the way bread explodes through its crust when it's baked. Nowadays I can casually knock up a couple of sourdough loaves between work and going to the market (where I managed to buy some forced rhubarb! A first!). Being away meant that I didn't bake any, and we actually ran out of frozen loaves and had to buy one! The horror. So I'm building up the stocks again.

Speaking of daily bread, I've read several articles recently about Universal Basic Income. An idea whose time has come I think:
We have a choice, not just as a society, but as a species. We can choose to let fear and suspicion run our lives as we all struggle harder each year to survive in a collapsing economic system on a smoking planet. Or we can choose to trust each other enough that everyone can share in the rewards of technology. It is blasphemous, unthinkable – but it may also be the only practical choice we have. 

It's great to see that it's now actually being tried in a couple of places, albeit on a limited scale.

A reminder -- anyone up for a blipmeet in north Yorkshire around the end of this month?

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